Mark Lowenthal, PhD

Mark Lowenthal , PhD, an internationally recognized expert on intelligence, is President and CEO of the Intelligence & Security Academy, LLC, a national security education, training and consulting company. From 2002-2005, Dr. Lowenthal served as the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production and also as the Vice Chairman for Evaluation on the National Intelligence Council. Prior to these duties, he served as Counselor to the Director of Central Intelligence. Dr. Lowenthal has written five books and over 90 articles or studies, including Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy (Congressional Quarterly Press, 3rd ed., October 2005), which has become the standard college and graduate school textbook on the subject. He has also written a fantasy novel. Dr. Lowenthal received his BA from Brooklyn College and his Ph.D. in history from Harvard University and was awarded the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the Intelligence Community’s highest award. In 1988, Dr. Lowenthal was the Grand Champion on Jeopardy!, the television quiz show.

His recent publication is a novel entitled The Great God Pan.

Mark Lowenthal