Jeffrey Collins, Adjunct Faculty

Jeffrey Collins is a professor of art history and anthropology at Oglethorpe University, teaching archaeology, anthropology, Ancient Art, Italian Renaissance Art, Symbology, and special interdisciplinary courses. Previously, he served as Dean of Liberal Studies at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Working with the Oglethorpe University Museum, he was involved in a number of exhibitions, ranging from the sacred art of the Dalai Lama to the masterworks of Rodin and nineteenth-century art. In addition, he has taught online classes at AIU, Adelphi University, Tiffin University, Central Michigan, and served as a founding professor for the establishment of Colorado State University Global Online Campus from 2008-2013.

His research interests include material culture and museum studies; exhibitions of the sacred; technology and art; and the future of museums. Dr. Collins obtained his doctorate from the University of Texas in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has received postdoctoral research grants from the University of North Carolina, Western Carolina University, Princeton University, and Ohio State University, and has worked on archaeological digs in Greece.