Dorothea Wolfson, Program Director, Sr. Lecturer

Dorothea Wolfson, PhD is the Director of the MA in Government and Thesis Advisor for the Government Program at Johns Hopkins University. She has been teaching in the program since 1995 and currently teaches courses in the areas of American political thought, political theory, and writing and research methods. Her research and teaching interests center on American political thought, modern political thought, and family policy, and she has published articles on Alexis de Tocqueville, Thomas Jefferson, and John Locke and children’s literature. She has collaborated on a book, Our Sacred Honor, with William J. Bennett, and her essays and reviews have appeared in The Claremont Review of Books, The American Interest, and Perspectives on Political Science.

Before joining the Johns Hopkins program, she was a Policy Analyst at Empower America, and she holds a BA from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Government from Cornell University.

Dorothea Wolfson