Beatrice Kondo, Program Coordinator, Sr. Lecturer

Beatrice Kondo is the Program Coordinator for the MS in Bioinformatics and the Post Master’s Certificate in Sequence Analysis and Genomics. Dr. Kondo also provides academic advising for all students whose ultimate goal is a professional school (medical, dental, and veterinary). Dr. Kondo’s undergraduate studies were at Loyola University in Baltimore. She then began a career in software test engineering, testing Hubble Space Telescope management and control software, before transitioning to the private sector, testing communications systems.

Eventually, the siren song of higher education lured her to return into academia, and she completed a doctorate in Biological Sciences at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2006. Her publications are in the area of molecular phylogenetics, with a special emphasis on closely-related species and the evolution of migration in New World Orioles. Recognizing a love of teaching during her graduate career, Dr. Kondo pursued a teaching post-doc at Cornell College in Iowa, famous for its unusual one-course-at-a-time curriculum. After this, she taught for four years in the undergraduate program of the Department of Biology at The Johns Hopkins University, before joining the Advanced Academic Programs Center for Biotechnology Education in Fall 2011. Her experience in advising JHU undergraduates, who were predominantly pursuing admission to professional schools after graduation, gave her a lot of insight into the professional school application process.

Dr. Kondo currently teaches Advanced Cell Biology I, Molecular Phylogenetic Techniques, and Comparative Animal Physiology.

Beatrice Kondo